At Gods Own Concentrates we try not to be everything to everyone and thus have chosen to make small batches of extracts that are produced only on limited runs. Our shatter and cannabis concentrates are pesticide and solvent free, making our products very smooth and worry free for our customers.
All of our Shatter at Gods Own Concentrates is strain based. What does that mean and why is it important? Every flavour that we produce at GOC is based on the flavour of the cannabis strain used. We don’t ‘terp’ our concentrates like most our competition in an effort to produce a flavour but rather start with an existing flavour that originates from its strain and then only add terpenes to enhance that existing flavour.
We at Gods Own Concentrates run only small batch productions as this is the only way to monitor quality control. There is no mass production here as quality is paramount over quantity. At GOC we stay true to our missions which is to produce the highest strength possible for the best value.  If you look around at the  extracts  you will see time and again that we at GOC produce the strongest, most potent concentrate anywhere.
And the reason we can produce such strong concentrates and oils is because of small batch, artisan production runs.
We at Gods Own Concentrates pride ourselves in being a small craft producer of high end concentrates. Our shatter and cannabis concentrates are created using both BHO and fractional distillation.  Our products are strain specific, which means that all of our flavours found in our oils and concentrates are the same as the strain used to produce them. We are one of a small group of craft producers within North America that still do this. We do it because we pride ourselves on making the best product.