Dabs cover a wide range of concentrate products and shatter being one the more popular. To produce a concentrate or Dab one looks to extract the cannabinoids (i.e. THC/CBD) from the cannabis plant. For Shatter the leftover resin from the extraction process is often cooled into a glassy sheet similar to hardened candy and thus if broken apart it fractures or ‘shatters’.

There are several extraction methods for making Shatter concentrates but all require some form of solvents such as  butane, carbon dioxide, or propane through which   marijuana buds are processed to pull out their cannabinoids. Then an evaporating solvent is used to gather the remaining resins. With Shatter, an additional filtration process is added to remove occurring fats and waxes. This process is what makes shatter so potent.

A common process among most concentrate manufactures to remove these fats and waxes that are natural to cannabis plants, they often end up stripping out the hydrocarbons knows as terpenes, which give the cannabis its unique flavor and scent. To strive for strength, they back fill with sugars and syrups to add back flavour.

What do we do better?

All our Shatter at Gods Own Concentrates are strain based. What does that mean and why is it important? Every flavour that we produce at GOC is based on the flavour of the cannabis strain used. We don’t add terpenes to our concentrates, like most of our competition, to produce a flavour but rather start with an existing flavour that originates from its strain and then only add terpenes to enhance that existing flavour. It is this attention to detail that separates us from everyone else and once your try our products you will understand why we go to such lengths.

At Gods Own Concentrates we produce the very best in concentrates and oils. We use a combination of BHO and Fractional Distillation. The resulting product is extremely potent and in fact we feel it is stronger than anything currently available. Though potent as our GOC line is, our shatter is incredibly smooth and subtle.  All our shatter is free of all residual solvents, a result of purging our concentrates for 5 days. Everything we produce is organic and pesticide free a result of working with small independent growers who pride themselves on quality and a strong environmental stance.

We at Gods Own Concentrates run only small batch productions as this is the only way to monitor quality control. There is no mass production here as quality is paramount over quantity. At GOC we stay true to our missions which is to produce the highest strength possible for the best value.  If you look around at the extracts available you will see time and again that we at GOC produces the strongest, most potent concentrate coupled with original flavour, taste and aroma. The reason we can produce such strong concentrates and oils is because of small batch, artisan production runs and top quality cannabis.

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