Disposable vape pens have moved into the main stream primarily due to their ease of use – convenience and discreetness being the prime drivers. These disposables vape pens contain a battery-powered heating element that vaporizes liquid cannabis concentrate thus activating molecules within the cannabis concentrate.

What to look for When Choosing a Disposable Vape Pen
Strength is key. At GOC our disposable vape pens carry our own GOC distillate that possess over 85% THC concentrate. Our distillate is never diluted resulting in the most potent and strongest distillate on the market.

GOC Disposable Vape Pens are preloaded for your convenience.
You get the same GOC experience that you have become accustomed to with your rig, but now with ease of use and simplicity. We will never comprise quality as our concentrate is simply the best and our pens are designed to take our product and give you convenience and discretion.

Highest Quality Distillate
Our proprietary GOC distillate offers you a cleaner and stronger smoking experience than anything on the market. Our high-quality distillate is extracted from small batch, hand trimmed, hang dried local flowers.

GOC is free of all residual solvents, a result of purging all our concentrates for 5 days. We never use sugar based syrups or flavorings in any of their products. God’s Own Concentrates are produced through a combination of BHO extraction and fractional distillation and we believe that this is the best and only method for maintaining the specific strain characteristics.

All our products are strain specific, which means that all our flavours found in our concentrates and distillates are the same as the strain used to produce them. At Gods Own Concentrates we are one of a small group of craft producers within North America that still do this. We do it because we pride ourselves on making the best product.

Discreet Design/ Virtually Odorless
Our GOC Disposable Vape Pens are elegant in their styling but also discrete. In appearance they resemble a pen and this allows you to take your GOC disposable vape pen anywhere. God’s Own Concentrate vape pens produce an aromatic, non-cannabis odor allowing for discreet use and enjoyment.

Recyclable vs Disposable
Though we term our GOC vape pen as ‘disposable’, its components are recyclable. They can be placed with electronic items that are picked up or deposited at your local recycling center. https://www.recyclemyelectronics.ca

No Charging Required
Just like your phone, battery life is everything. Currently disposable vape pens contain batteries of varying strength with quality ratings from A+ to C. Lower rated battery such as ‘C’ limit the user to a smaller number of ‘pulls’ or ‘draws’ from their disposable pen. At GOC our disposable vape pen batteries are rate A+. This is the best battery on the market and will allow you the most use than any other vape pen around. No recharging necessary. We believe that only the best is always the right path.

Easy to Use
Our GOC disposable vape pens are simple to use. No lighter, no bong, pipe, or rig required. Just inhale. Absolutely no learning curve. When you are inhaling your vape pen will light up red. Puff slow and steady. It can take up to fifteen minutes to feel the full effect. If the light blinks twice, that means the battery is protecting itself from overheating, and when it blinks five times, the battery is exhausted. A puff is considered to be three seconds of inhalation.

Occasionally an air bubble can form above the burner on your disposable vape pen. To increase the depth of your pull, simply turn your disposable vape pen upside down for 2 seconds.

Vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, because there is no smoke to get into your lungs and our distillate is purified of any harmful materials that could irritate your respiratory system. We use a limited amount of propylene glycol in our disposable vape pen distillate so you experience is very smooth and will not irate your throat. (a common problem with most vape products on the market)

Top Quality
Not only do our pen have the best rated, longest lasting battery on the market, our pens come with the highest rated coils as well. The coils in our pens are rated triple A, meaning they operate at the highest heat setting. This is important to you because the high heat means the concentrate burn cleanly,

Our GOC disposable vape pens have 4 ports on the mouthpiece. Some pens have a little as one. 4 ports mean ease of use and that you get the most concentrate per single draw.

At Gods Own Concentrates we never dilute our distillate. Other disposable vape pen producers will dilute their concentrate to produce a larger supply run. At GOC we keep our production runs limited and use the strongest, most potent distillate on the market. We can never replace your dab rig, but we want to do the next best thing which is to offer you the smoothest, most potent vaping experience.

Great Flavors
Our GOC disposable vape pens come in 5 very popular GOC flavours: Blueberry, Pineapple Express, Mango, Watermelon and Cupcake. GOC disposable vape pens carry and .5ml tank, but at God’s Own Concentrate we fill our tanks with .6ml of GOC distillate. A little extra can go a long way.

Ordering Our Products
At Gods Own Concentrates, we strive to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Ordering our GOC pens online is the best way to purchase cannabis products discreetly, quickly, and easily. We accept payment in the form of Interac Online, and our payment methods are safe and secure.