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Rated 4.33 out of 5

Widow Maker, a master brand by GOC, is cross of 3 unique strains of cannabis: White Widow, Northern Lights, and a strain that is proprietary to God’s Own Concentrates. As a result our Widow Maker shatter produces a phenomenal high coupled with an incredible taste and flavour. GOC Widow Maker shatter has a very high CBD level, a direct result of adding the White Widow cannabis strain, and thus user is exposed to an incredible dabbing experience. Once your try this concentrate, it becomes clear as to why we at God’s Own Concentrates stay true the cannabis strains and their specific flavour profiles.


Rated 5.00 out of 5

Yoda by God’s Own Concentrates is a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, and is an Indica-dominant strain that induces heavy relaxation of the mind and body. Its sedating, euphoric effects make it a popular medicine for anxiety and insomnia, and it also provides an extra kick to the appetite. GOC Yoda has a very distinctive piney aroma complemented by subtle citrus and earthy flavours. Our GOC Yoda a great nighttime shatter as only seasoned consumers may be able to withstand its heaviness during the day.

THC: 81%

THC and CBD percentages:
All of the parent cannabis used to create GOC shatter tests at an average of 25.5-26% THC and 0.386% CBD. While some Sativa based strains like the Blue Dream Shatter that we produce have come in at up to 1.2% CBD/gram. GOC shatter THC percentages come in between the mid 70’s to almost 90% range depending on the strains that are used.