24K by God’s Own Concentrates is our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays!’ We at GOC have taken our master brand Saturno hybrid Shatter and infused it with 24K Gold Leaf. It’s amazing! There is no better or bigger way to enjoy this holiday season but with GOC 24K. Whether your celebrating Christmas or ringing in the New Year, make a statement this year and do a dab with real Gold!

THC: 81%
THC and CBD percentages:
All of the parent cannabis used to create our GOC concentrates test  at 25.5-26% THC and 0.386% CBD. While some Sativa based strains like the Blue Dream that we produce  have come in at up to 1.2% CBD per gram.  GOC concentrate  shatter THC percentages range  between  mid 70’s to almost 90% depending on the strains that we use.

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Master Brand

Due to the scarcity and rarity of certain cannabis strains used in some GOC extracts and oils, we have limited these items. They are very short run items and price sensitive. Please enjoy while we have them in stock.

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