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Our GOC disposable vape pens are filled with pure, non-diluted GOC distillate, boasting an above 85% THC concentrate. No disposable vape pen on the market is more potent, but also super smooth as we at GOC limit the amount of propylene glycol in our distillate. Our GOC disposable vape pens are elegant, prepped for discretion and contain 0.6ml of pure THC distillate. Each GOC disposable vape pen comes with a triple A battery rating, superior heating coil and a 4 port mouthpiece that will deliver well over 100 draws per pen*
(note most users require 1-3 draws per dose).
GOC distillate are flavoured with all natural flavours – no artificial flavourings, additives or sugars.

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What is Pure THC Distillate?
Because of the extended extraction and refinement process, as well as advanced machinery needed to produce THC distillates, it’s no surprise that they are a little more expensive than other pens on the market. The extreme level of purity and potency cannot be compared to different concentrates like BHO, which is why every concentrate connoisseur should give them a try and let us know what you think. At Gods Own Concentrates we never dilute our distillate. Other disposable vape pen producers will dilute their concentrate to produce a larger supply run. At GOC we keep our production runs limited and use the strongest, most potent distillate on the market. We can never replace your dab rig, but we want to do the next best thing which is to offer you the smoothest, most potent vaping experience.

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1 pen – Silver, 1 pen – Black, 3 pens – Silver, 3 pens – Black, 6 pens – Silver, 6 pens – Black


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